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Elevante Lashes Icon Lift Kit

Does This Sound Familiar?

"My lashes are stubborn, they're short, straight and fall downwards over my eyes. I've tried all the top-rated curlers on the market but no matter how much I train them to stay up, the lashes inevitably drop after a single coat of mascara."


Falsies, Curlers & Extensions

Just as fake nails can weaken and damage the real fingernail underneath, the extra pressure caused by falsies can hurt hair follicles, causing breakage and halting proper growth. 

Curling your lashes typically does not maintain its shape and must be re-done several times throughout the day. If used incorrectly, curlers lead to breakage & fall off. 

Results from extensions are addicting but can cost upwards to $200 a set. Your natural lashes are left thin, brittle and shorter than ever before after treatment.  

Our Mission

"We help women across the globe wake up to healthy, natural and beautifully curled lashes" 

Elevante Lashes Icon Lift Kit

This safe & beginner friendly kit provides you with everything you need to professionally lift your lashes from the convenience of your own home. 

How It Works

An eyelash lift works by bending your natural lash over a curved silicone pad while a perming solution is applied.

The curve of the silicone pads provides a nice lift from the base to the tip of the eyelash.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial here!

See What's Inside

Perming Lotion

A curling agent that allows your eyelashes to curl naturally and beautifully. 

Fixation Setting Lotion

Allows lashes to keep their curl and shape for approximately 4 -10 weeks( varies between individuals).

Nutritional Nourishing Elixir

Enriches, repairs and maintains healthy looking lashes with natural ingredients.  

Natural Cleansr

Eliminates any left over residue from perming lotion or glue for a clean and natural feel.  

Visit the product page to view the full list of items included.  

The solution to natural, beautifully curled lashes

Here's What Our Users Have To Say


"This product is amazing, I have decent length lashes but kind of frail, so I can’t use a curler because it breaks them or rips some off, also my eyes are sensitive... but this product worked great!

I watched a couple of YouTube videos and follow the instructions, the videos I watched didn’t use the plastic film so I didn’t and it worked very well, it’s been a couple of days and my lashes are still up almost touching my eyebrows. Loved this!"


"Great product! Worked very well for me I used the plastic tool to brush up lashes and serán wrap to cover them while it sits. Glue isn’t too tacky so letting it dry a bit before applying works best but I’m pleased.

"Instructions were clear and straight forward, was easy to use."


"LOVE LOVE LOVE! My Lashes are normally very straight and never hold a curl, so when I found this kit and saw that the lash lift could last up to 2 months, I knew I had to get it and test it out. I honestly can’t believe how much it curled my lashes!

This is hands down worth the money! It’s inexpensive, really easy to use, and you get multiple uses out of this kit. I’m so happy with the results, now my lashes look fabulous even without mascara!"

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