User Submitted Review: Zena McDonnel

I’m 17. I hate wearing makeup and always kinda wanted eyelash extension but didn’t like the price or the fact that I would have to get them filled. I added a picture of during and after. I did one eye at a time so I could really focus. I have never done anything like this and I loved it. in the during picture you can see what my eyelashes looked like before and then obviously there is the after picture.

I think I got a tiny bit in my eye when I was doing it the second time but I’m fine, no redness, and the cleanser immediately took away any stinging. I took a shower and they’re still curly so I’m guessing this is gonna last for a few days at least and I’m just really happy so far. My mom was VERY skeptical but got it for me anyway and she’s even impressed with the results.

One thing I ran into was it says to cover your eyelashes in plastic to let them soak but it didn’t come with anything to use so I just used basic kitchen plastic wrap stuff and held it on like in the first picture (UPDATE! I’ve done it on my friends too and they love it, it lasted about a month and I’d say my lashes are about back to normal now -December 24th to feb 2nd-) definitely going to do it again.