The reason why I choose to lift my lashes

I wake up to healthy, natural and beautifully curled lashes without the need to worry about them for 2 months. 

I've tried falsies, curlers and extensions for years but came to the conclusion that none of those options work for me, at all. 

I absolutely hated gluing falsies onto my eyelids every morning and taking them off at night.  It was such a pain in the ass for someone who frequently misses the alarm and constantly in a rush to get to work.  Surely you understand that if you do not spend the time gluing your lashes onto your lids, well, you just look like a hot mess. 

With curlers, I've never had that great of an experience with them.  My lashes are frail and I would literally see my lashes fall off or stuck onto the curler during usage.  Depending on the natural characteristics of your lashes, it may maintain its hold and tolerate breakage but for an individual like me, it does more damage than good in the long run.  

Extensions gave me the look that I was going for but I had to try something else after not being able to wash my face, apply make up and most importantly, sleep comfortably. I was over the constant $125 trips to the salon every couple of weeks.  

If you can relate to any of these problems listed above, consider getting a professional lift at a salon from a technician. It is definitely worth the money and saves you from the headaches and frustrations of maintaining your lashes.  If you would like to lift your lashes from the convenience of your own home, order our kit with the guarantee that you will receive a refund if it just isn't for you.