Based out of Los Angeles, Elevante Lashes & Beauty was found upon the idea that women deserve to wake up to healthy, natural and beautifully curled lashes without the need to maintain them on a daily basis.

After using falsies, curlers, extensions and trying other methods for years, our founder Jackie grew tired of the time and money spent maintaining them while damaging her natural lashes.

Realizing that lifting her lashes at salons gave her the results she wanted but added up to a bit over a thousand at the end of the year, Jackie contacted top beauty manufacturers overseas and came across an amazing kit that she had to share with everyone.  

Elevante Lashes Icon Lift Kit was her personal solution that achieved the same results from costly treatments at the salon.  At less than a 1/10th of what she used to spend, she wakes up to the perfect set of lashes everyday using this kit once every two months.  

Elevante Lashes & Beauty was created to share this amazing kit to women across the globe so they can all wake up to healthy, natural and beautifully curled lashes.  

"You deserve lashes that look just as good as you do."  - Jackie, Founder